What You Don't Need

by Gryflet

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Collaboration with Jh0st ( Vocals and lyrics)https://jh0st.bandcamp.com/ & Frank Baker (Co Production)https://frankbaker.bandcamp.com/.


released March 16, 2015




all rights reserved


Gryflet Taunton, UK

Gryflet is a project that started in late 2013. The music is mostly instrumental and has wide range of influences. This project was created because of the pleasure and fun of making music and to share this feelings with like minded tastes.

Guitar/Vox - Billy Miles

Guitar -Nuno Tavares

Bass - George Baines

Drums - Andrea Lucchese
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Track Name: What You Don't Need
what you don't need

your hands are are not
young like the sun…
they lie to me, blanket your gardens.

rest in blame
on corners high
above this moon.
we walk in circles
drugged to these fumes.

just swear to me! swear...
and you swear to me.
‘cause what you don't need
is for us to stay here and bleed.

and you swear to me. swear...
and you swear to me.
what dark can you bleed
from the depths of your veins, insane.

like moths to a flame
for what you don't need
closing the circles fate.

swear to me! swear...
and you swear to me:
cry to the whisper
weep for what you don't need.

and you swear to me. swear...
swear can you leave?
leave me to be
and take what you don't...

like moths to a flame
for what you don't need.
Track Name: Your Face On The Pillow
Your Head on the Pillow

can you hear...

put your head on the pillow
cry, can you stay one more day?
but these bones still recall
the night before your fall…

… can you finally be free
find unity asleep in peace
...or live inside my dreams
Forever echoing

From stories you suffocate and every day I blame
Pages torn from your...
...memories turn to dust wind and bleeding rust
fade away ...your grave's a way....

[ guitar lead ]
...rest your weary head on the pillow
...breathe the dust and wind for the rest

Dream in insomnia
Cry with eyes gone blind...
All the way to your door
closed and nailed below your name

leave your demons distorted disfigured
beneath you now
I’ll resurrect your future and fire
And keep your soul alive in my eyes.